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dla Roboto w Warszawa

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Whether you are an unexperienced game enthusiast or an avid gamer we invite you to apply for an opportunity to participate in playtests organised by Roboto in our Warsaw-based office!

What are playtests?
Selected groups of responders are asked to play a game for several hours and to give feedback on their experience. Playtests are a key part of the development of any game. They allow the developers to find out what people think about their work so far and to make adjustments based on their comments. If you’d like to feel like a professional Twitch streamer for a few hours or you want to take a peek inside the gaming industry, apply by sending us an email titled “cupcake”! Taking part in playtests allows you to become actively involved in creating games that later will be enjoyed by thousands of other players, and you get paid for it! 😊

Who are we?
Roboto is a Warsaw-based localization company that has been successfully carrying out complex projects in the multimedia industry (games, movies, books) as well as business translation projects for the last 17 years. If you want to learn more about us visit our website
Contact us at!

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