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dla Vile Monarch w Warszawa

Praca stała Programowanie

Vile Monarch, a hard rock games studio from Warsaw, is looking for someone who remains sensitive in any case. Doesn’t matter if it’s upper, lower, or camel... Currently more than 30 Monarchs reign in the studio, including veterans (who worked on This War of Mine, The Witcher series, Dying Light or Hard West), that in 5 years shipped 4 successful games, conquering PC, Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

  • Crush Your Enemies - multiplatform bite-sized RTS
  • Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - hit party game based on building absurd sentences
  • Oh...Sir! Hollywood Roast - a spin-off in the world of film
  • Weedcraft Inc - ambitious tycoon game about the marijuana industry

Our philosophy? Let’s make fresh things - of different size, for different platforms, in different genres, but always surprising. There’s no idea that’d be TOO crazy for us. Currently we’re working on 2 bigger, unannounced titles: one of them is a 3D management strategy game which is in the late pre-production phase and the other is an ambitious 2D project already developed in full swing. The latter is where a skillful code wizard is needed. He or she would be responsible for setting up and developing gameplay systems.


  • Experience in game programming - participance in game projects, preferably in Unity!
  • Experience in C#
  • General knowledge of various game development aspects (2D, 3D, multiplayer, audio, AI, physics, compression)
  • Experience in optimizing, profiling and debugging
  • Discipline and self-reliance, organized work style
  • Very good English, both spoken and written
  • Willingness to work full-time in Warsaw
  • Love for games, knowledge of various platforms and genres

Nice to have

  • Experience in building code architecture from scratch
  • Experience in C++
  • Technical degree
  • Speciality in gameplay programming
  • Experience in graphics programming (shaders)
  • Knowledge of software design patterns
  • Love for beer, rock music and hermetic science jokes

We offer

  • Fair salary
  • An important role in an interesting project
  • Stable full-time job with flexible work hours and without crunch (mostly ;))
  • Working in a comfortable, air-conditioned office close to a metro station (Dworzec Gdański). Bonus: it’s on the 23rd floor, so the view is stunning.
  • Encouragement for self-development: we often sponsor conference attendance, organize in-house lectures and have a library of specialistic books. Last but not least, our programmers can devote some of their work time to research a technical subject of their own choosing
  • Very informal, friendly atmosphere - gaming and partying together, company trips, a fridge full of beer
  • Private medical care, MultiSport benefit cards

So you think this is something for you? Send us your résumé with a sample of your code to along with this GDPR bit:

"I hereby agree to the use of my personal data included in the recruitment application (including CV) in the recruitment process for the position indicated in the job offer published by the company Vile Monarch Sp. z o. o. Sp. k.".

If you are also interested in participating in future recruitment processes, please also include the following consent:

"I hereby agree to the use of my personal data included in the recruitment application (including CV) in future recruitment processes organized by the company Vile Monarch Sp. z o. o. Sp. k.".

Data publikacji: 2020-05-25

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