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Hi everyone,
Lucky Duck Games is working on a next installment of our acclaimed Chronicles of Crime board game. We are looking for talented artists to prepare VR Scenes in the year 2400 Cyberpunk setting.
What are VR Scenes?
‘VR Scenes’ are 360 degrees spherical images used in the game to create an illusion of investigative work on a crime scene. The image is displayed in the Chronicles of Crime mobile app and the players may look around using the phone gyroscope or simply by swiping on the screen. The goal of examining such scenes is to find clue items in the image and try to match them with Evidence Category cards.

There are always two VR scenes per scenario and on each scene the players may find apx. 6-10 clues. The scene consists of the background image which depicts the place where the scene is taking place and the objects that should be clearly distinguishable from the surrounding but may also present some challenge when looked for.

Each scene is briefed by the scenario writer and presents some mock-up views as well as a couple of inspirational reference artworks.

Below you will find Momento360 interactive images that show final spherical images for previous Chronicles of Crime installments. Momento360 images can be navigated by dragging with the mouse and zooming in/out using the mouse wheel. For maintaining the proportions close to the target image view examples in full screen mode and fully zoomed out.

CoC 1400

Rich Interior
The Apothecary Shop

CoC 1900
View of Seine
Room of a Young Lady
Train Car Interior

Please contact us at with your portfolio + estimation for a single scene like this. We would like to commission 6 scenes total - but this is negotiable.


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