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QA Engineer

for DRAGONS LAKE in Poland, remote

Employment Testing

Dragons Lake is a best-in-class multi-genre game development studio providing advanced tech and design solutions for AAA/AA+ projects on PC & Consoles in association with Room 8 Group. We unite game dev professionals worldwide, working on high-end titles, co-developing, and porting with leading AAA publishers and developers in the industry.

Join the phenomenal team of professionals and deliver creative and tech services, bringing games
to the next level together with Dragons Lake.

We are looking for an Experienced/Senior QA Engineer to collaborate with production and development teams to improve quality and maintain comprehensive technical, gameplay and requirements, TRC & TCR tests.


  • Test daily builds
  • Provide bugs reporting, investigation, verification, and updating
  • Design test for incoming features
  • Perform different types of Testing scenarios (functional, data content, performance, usability, gameplay, and hardware/software compatibility)
  • Perform tests for TRC & TCR
  • Create accurate Builds & Features testing reports
  • Assists in forming and improving QA processes and procedures
  • Support and help developers


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Technical Faculty
  • 1,5+ years of experience as a QA engineer in GameDev
  • Good knowledge and practical experience in testing techniques
  • Deep understanding of testing specifics for desktop and console applications
  • Experience in testing PC/Console applications
  • Experience with Confluence/Jira/TestRail/P4/Git
  • Understanding of CI/CD process
  • An ability to communicate effectively and clearly in English
  • Proven ability to work on a challenging customer request, clarify requirements, and implement requested features
  • Proactivity and passion for video games

Grow with us, we’ve got you covered:

  • Competitive financial reward (yes, we are fair enough)
  • Challenges to raise your XPs score (professional training and conferences, internal mentorship)
  • Health insurance, paid vacation and sick leave
  • Culture of diversity & inclusion to unite the most outstanding talents
  • Community of people who understand your game passion

Join Dragons Lake and take on challenges you’ve always dreamed of.

Published on: 2022-11-09

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