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Technical Artist

for Storymode in Poland/Zdalnie

Employment Programming

🎮StoryMode 🎮 is looking for a Technical Artist to join the team to work on a port of a fighting game for Nintendo Switch.

What do we have to do:
😏Integration, creation and modification of content (shader, VFX, post-processes).
😏 Development of additional tools for working with content
😏Optimization and solving emerging problems (bugs)
😏 Maintenance of technical documentation for the project

Who are we looking for:
➕Experience as a Tech Artist for more than 2 years;
➕Experience with UE4/5
➕Ability to write/read technical documentation in English;
➕Understanding rendering pipeline, shaders, optimization techniques
➕Experience with software for creating 3D content: Blender, 3DMax, Maya, Z-Brush
Experience with AA-AAA titles is desirable
Experience with consoles (XBOX, PS4/5, Switch) is a plus;

What's up with us:
🎈 Non-financial care of the company: medical expenses, English, coworking;
🎈Remote work (employees of the company work from different parts of the world)
🎈Top leads in key areas of development with over 15 years of experience in world-class AAA projects;
🎈 Necessary software and equipment for quality work;
🎈On Fridays we play games together

Published on: 2023-03-15

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