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Lead Environment Artist

for Little Red Dog Games in Remote

Employment Art and animation

Little Red Dog Games is looking for a Lead Environment Artist to help drive our art team to bring breathtaking worlds to life.

Our art team is composed of a mix of industry veterans and new graduates working on innovative new 3D strategy games.

This is a full-time remote-working position with flexible hours - something we do well, as we’ve been developing games remotely for almost a decade. We aim to provide a healthy and fun work environment that is diverse and inclusive.

Little Red Dog Games has been developing deceptively strategic video games that look and feel different for almost a decade. We have significant experience working with partners all over the world, as well as strict no-crunch policies, and our company philosophy is grounded in the ideal of a healthy work-life balance and ethical game development.


  • Maintain consistent and open communication with the art director in order to keep art direction in alignment with studio vision.
  • Collaborate with Art Director, Lead Designer, and Production for defining asset production scope, needs, and aesthetics.
  • Maintain aesthetic consistency and creativity for personal and subordinate’s work from beginning to end of a project.
  • Detect significant problems and find the best “artistic/technical/organizational” compromise.
  • Provide visual feedback, guidance and direction to help deliver quality and brand authenticity across multiple projects in the form of draw-overs, painter-overs, and written notes.
  • Provide regular feedback to artists verbally in meetings, via written communication and other visual presentations (such as paint overs, concept art, references, etc)
  • Create a fun & inspirational work environment while coaching artists by providing reviews, growth plans, and generally assisting in their skill sets.
  • Leading the 2D and 3D art efforts to produce environments for our games from concept to final set dressing.
  • Create and iterate unique and stunning designs within a determined production schedule
  • If you have a dog, they must attend teleconferences with you. ‍ ‍*Qualifications‍*
  • You have an outstanding eye for stylization, lighting, materials, color theory, detail, and visual hierarchy.
  • You have a great portfolio that shows off your extensive experience in concepting and / or implementing 3D environments.
  • 2D background strongly preferred.
  • You have shipped at least three ambitious indie / AA / AAA projects.
  • You have been in the game industry for at least 6 years and at least 2 of those in a leadership role.
  • Nice to have: experience with Unity.

Salary and ‍Benefits

  • Flexible working hours.
  • Defined vacation and compensatory leave.
  • Medical plan. (US/UK)
  • A no-crunch employer who believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. ‍ ‍*Application Materials‍*
  • Resume.
  • Portfolio demonstrating relevant artistic skills.

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Published on: 2023-05-23

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