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AI/Gameplay Programmer

for Tate Multimedia in zdalnie

Employment Programming


Level/Experience: Mid-to senior-level role.

Location: This is a remote job

We are seeking an experienced AI / Gameplay Programmer to join our team, working on our open world survival crafting game using Unreal Engine 5, fully founded and with secured publishing.

In this role, you will play a pivotal role in creating unique creature behaviours and enhance gameplay features.

You will collaborate closely with programmers, world-class artists & passionate designers to breathe life into our distinctive game world.

The game is a large open world with several biomes, a varied landscape with numerous landmarks and points of interest. It is important to understand how the creatures behave and react, taking into account the constraints of this type of credible world.

The everyday task is obviously not limited to AI and you will be involved in a variety of general gameplay topics. The team will seek for your point of view, experience to take important decisions related to the programming roadmap.


  • Translate the game's vision for animal behavior into functional AI actors with engaging and dynamic interactive behaviors. Build, analyse, correct set up of various classes.
  • Be responsible for the technical documents from creation to implementation in Unreal.
  • Collaborate with game designers & animators to shape the player's interaction with AI agents, involving combat interactions, stealth, etc.
  • Contribute to the development & expansion of the gameplay systems, aligning them with the game's core vision. Validate that these systems meet the project AI requirements,
  • Supervise the implementation through sprints, be able to address bugs, glitches, immersion-breaking situations.
  • Create prototypes to establish suitable frameworks that inform the design team.
  • Propose improvements, designs, new systems, and document your work to facilitate knowledge sharing across the team's other disciplines.


  • Strong programming skills in C++ and Blueprints. Attention to details, clarity and performance driven code are key.
  • AI principles and techniques knowledge: behaviour trees, AI Controller, state machines, etc.
  • All-rounder with good problem-solving & communication skills, particularly in remote work contexts.
  • Self-motivated with a proactive approach to collaboration within remote teams.
  • Good experience with Epic's Unreal Engine.


  • Experience in solving AI problems (navigation, path finding, detection, and multiple agent interactions) for 2 and 4 legs creatures.
  • Interesting in creating new behaviours (e.g., flying, swimming, etc.)
  • Knowledge and interest in mentoring and coaching, sharing experience
  • Passionate about games, be a part of a great indie studio with a beautiful project and great ambitions!


  • Opportunity to collaborate with an international team.
  • Work from home or come work to a sunny burning island – it's up to you.
  • 36 days paid holiday each year, including bank holiday entitlements.
  • Be part of a small development team (<20 people), where every voice is important,
  • Involvement in a new intellectual property (IP) with big potential for expansion.
  • Competitive salary based on experience.
  • Extra time off for special days/events or emergencies. No questions asked,
  • Permanent, full-time employment.
  • Remote work hardware & support provided.
  • Positive and inclusive work environment.
  • Annual salary reviews

If you're ready to join our friendly team, apply now! We can't wait to see what you can bring to the table.

Tate Multimedia - Independent publisher here to bring the most exciting games to all major platforms. Creators of the legendary Kao the Kangaroo, well-known Urban Trial Series, and award-winning Steel Rats. For over 20 years Tate Multimedia has been an independent game developer and publisher specializing in delivering successful IPs to players worldwide. We share our experience with other development teams to help deliver their dream projects to the players. Our team is made of passionate and highly dedicated people with years of industry experience. We are looking for a talented and experienced AI programmer who will join our team in working on an exciting, unannounced, open world survival game.

If you're interested, please send the application by e-mail to the address

Please include the following clause in your application:

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We will respond to selected applications.

Thank you.

Published on: 2023-09-13

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