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Growth Marketing Lead

for in Warszawa

Employment Management

Your job will be to drive new traffic - and ultimately new buyers - to GOG.

You’ll do this by executing our marketing strategy, and executing brand-relevant opportunities when they arise.

Each person in your team has a unique set of skills, and it’s your job to put these skills - and more! - to their best use so we acquire new paying users.

What is a "Brand-Relevant Opportunity"?

In the ever-evolving gaming industry, topics like game preservation and community trends frequently surface and fade. Successfully navigating these shifts involves identifying how GOG can engage meaningfully in these conversations to attract attention, increase traffic, and acquire new paying users. For instance, how can we leverage discussions on the disappearance of online games due to server shutdowns or capitalize on popular full-conversion mods to boost visibility?

How much is this job about Brand Management?

Somewhat. Unlike traditional brand management, which can center on maintaining consistency, this role is geared towards a result-driven approach, proactive growth and hitting specific performance indicators. In addition to Branding, you will utilize a broad set of skills and specialists across Paid Ads, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, PR, and more, focusing on innovative strategies and measurable outcomes.

How much is this job about Digital Marketing?

Somewhat. Unlike a traditional Digital Marketing role, you will also need to master PR and Brand Activations. There are strong borders with a Digital Marketing role, though: You will be metric-oriented (New Paying Users) and measure impact.


  • Develop Growth Marketing tactics and seize opportunities to acquire New Paying Users.
  • Increase the reach and recognition of our Brand.
  • Remove barriers; Get your team to go faster and be more ambitious.
  • Track the results of your actions; Adjust your plans accordingly.
  • Manage our External Comms with the help of your PR Specialist.
  • Your team, tools and weapons

You will directly manage a team of 5 specialists, skilled in:

  • Performance Marketing and digital ads
  • Influencers and affiliates marketing
  • PR and the ability to tell brand stories to the world
  • Social Media marketing, and video in particular SEO
  • You will also need to handle Content Marketing and Landing Page Funnels.

Job Requirements:

  • An excellent understanding of the video games market, especially PC gaming.
  • 5+ years of growth marketing experience with a proven track record in developing and delivering successful marketing initiatives.
  • 2+ years of team management experience.
  • Experience managing a mid-six-figure budget.
  • Proficiency in measurement and analytics tools, including Google Analytics.
  • Strong understanding of full funnel and unit economic marketing metrics such as LTV, CAC, and ROAS.

Your Mindset:

1) Entrepreneurial spirit: You are resourceful, take initiative, and drive change with an ability to break assumptions and take calculated risks.
2) Self-improvement: You actively seek perspectives through conversations with others or personal training, and integrate learned insights into practical applications.
3) Leadership: You demand excellence from yourself and others, maintain accountability, and take the lead in directing team efforts.
4) Analytical thinking: You excel in devising methods to track and measure the outcomes of marketing tests and actions.
5)Creative thinking: You approach challenges with innovative solutions and think outside the box.

What we offer:

  • Remuneration: 13 000 - 19 000 PLN,
  • Unique opportunity to enter a booming industry and to influence the future of gaming,
  • Work on an global and highly creative business and industry
  • Hybrid model of work with a possibility to have an office-first, remote-first or fully remote structure depending on your role’s responsibilities & requirements,
  • Access to a health care and sports activities package, including free psychologist appointments,
  • Possibility to take paid Menstrual Leave for all menstruating employees,
  • Active employee networks for LGBTQIA+ employees, women of GOG and parents,
  • Frequent social activities, free fruits/coffee/tea, an in-house cantina, and other goodies are a standard,
  • An in-house gym, open 24/7, available exclusively for our employees,
  • Free access to all games from the GOG catalogue, including The Witcher franchise and Cyberpunk 2077,
  • Gamer’s paradise where you will be surrounded by games - living & breathing them!
  • Dog-friendly environment – yes, you can bring your four-legged friend to work!

Published on: 2024-05-27

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