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Glass Cannon Unplugged sp. z o.o.

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We're a board game publisher and design studio specializing in creating tabletop adaptations of chosen video game IPs.

Glass Cannon Unplugged’s mission and a few words about the company, by CEO - Jakub Wiśniewski:

The name of our company signifies the aspect of the process of creation: you either hit the sweet spot with a motherload of a game or you disappear in the crowd. We went unplugged because there is a certain type of magic to tabletop games, not to say that there is none in the digital world – on the contrary! Yet those types of magic are from different schools, like say conjuration and enchantment or necromancy and illusion… Jokes aside, this isn’t my first venture but with this company and our first game, every little bit of creative work I and my business partners have done in the past has come to fruition. For the first time since I stepped on the winding path of mixing business with pleasure, I feel that everything is in place. Our business model has been recognized by both private investors and a government organization for innovation – PARP, the team I have managed to put together is making me proud and the co-operation with an established author, Adam Kwapinski, has brought us a game I am certain will redefine its genre, like TWOM: TBG did a few years ago.

As Glass Cannon Unplugged, we have a very straightforward mission. We choose video games that we believe have significantly influenced their genre and that just appeal to us in terms of translating them to the language of the tabletop. I come from a background of literary translation and this company bears the mark of the most important observation I learned and practised as a translator: a work of art can never be truly translated without adding one's own perspective and context. What are games if not works of art? So many talented people are needed to bring them to life, both digitally and physically. When we approach a game it is as if it came from another culture, the culture of gamers and online communities, and our job is to port it (using the video game jargon) to the physical platform.

We will not be making a lot of games, probably 1-2 per year. Our games will always be honest in design, creative in approach to mechanics and solutions and respectful towards their ancestry and community.

The freedom of creation provided by crowdfunding, by Kickstarter especially, is something terrible in its power and majesty. The board game industry is thriving, with projects of previously unimaginable scale and magnitude. This is exactly the territory we want to explore!

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