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We at Fool's Theory, are a collective of experienced and creative developers, who share a simple philosophy - we believe that unbridled passion and flexible processes are what make the perfect combo for crafting great games.

Our company was founded in 2015 by a group of specialists who left leading studios and decided to make games somewhere near the Beskidy Mountains. Many called it foolish. But what started as an indie project based in Bielsko-Biała quickly developed into a booming company hiring top-notch experts worldwide and still growing.

We are determined to make it work because we share the same values:

Now that The Witcher Remake is in development, we are actively seeking skilled individuals to join our team for this project, developed in cooperation with CD PROJEKT RED studio.

Our Games:

Games we worked on:

Games can resonate with the audience deeply. We experienced that as players and want to share these kinds of stories as creators. We want to ask difficult questions. We want to make narrative-rich games with ambiguous choices that provoke thoughtful reflection on human nature. Because we believe players are worth it.

Willing to learn and explore new possibilities, we are devoted to creating meaningful and memorable entertainment. Without compromise, even if some will call us fools.

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