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Noobz From Poland

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Noobz from Poland is a capital group consisting of Noobz From Poland S.A. and Rookiez From Warsaw Sp. z o.o. The group's primary area of activity is video game development. Both studios are based in Warsaw, Poland.

We are the development team behind Total Tank Simulator, physics-based World War II battle simulator acclaimed by critics and players alike, which surpassed 100 000 wishlist before it's release in May 2020 (in partnership with 505 Games).

Since our foundation in 2016, the company has grown substantially and currently we employ more than 30 people working on various game projects, including AA strategy titles and high quality indie projects.

Our team consists of professionals from formerly working in well known studios such as CD Projekt RED, Techland, Flying Wild Hog, CI Games, 11Bit Studios and more.

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