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Gamesture is a Kraków-based mobile game developer, and the creator of Questland, a mobile game RPG. We believe in Game As a Service as much as we believe that well-coordinated, supporting team is the key to achieving success. We aim very high and we are constantly evolving. That’s why are looking for people who will complement our team.

Why should you work for us?
Gamesture is a very friendly, flexible and open-minded working environment. We create big, ambitious projects, that require a lot of control, yet we keep our office casual and relaxed. Less crunch, more individual approach, honest communication – we choose those solutions which work best for our employees and their comfort.
If you have a lot of initiative, like to self-manage your work; if you constantly want to learn and finally, if you need more balance between work and family life - Gamesture is a place for you.

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Title Category Location Date
Unity 2d Animator Art and animation / Employment Kraków / hybrid 2023-03-20
Economy Designer Design / Employment Kraków / hybrid / remote 2023-03-02