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Our mission is this: we want to deliver bleeding edge, mature role-playing games with a deep focus on storytelling, and we want to wrap them in an honest, good value for money package gamers find worth their hard-earned cash. We’d love all games and gamers to be treated like that, and we’re working hard every day to make that happen.

Rekrutacja w CD PROJEKT RED

Tytuł Kategoria Miejsce Data
Open World Designer Design / Praca stała Kraków 2019-10-09
Junior Open World Designer Design / Praca stała Kraków 2019-10-08
Internship in Open World team Design / Praca stała Warszawa 2019-10-08
Level Design Intern Design / Inne Warszawa 2019-09-26
FX Assistant Programowanie / Praca stała Warsaw 2019-09-23