Jobs in Polish gamedev
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Employment Administrator IT for Katana Poland in Warszawa 2023-09-28
Employment Zespoły developerskie for FreeMind Games SA in Kraków lub Zdalnie 2023-09-28
Employment Office Manager for Frozen Way in Kraków 2023-09-22
Employment Head Of Games for Product Madness in Zdalnie GIC2023 2023-09-22
Employment Producent for Rock Square Thunder in Kraków lub zdalnie 2023-09-19
Employment Scrum Master for Cosmic Dreams in Zdalnie 2023-09-18
Employment Video Games Producer for tinyBuild in Remotely 2023-09-15
Employment Senior Game Producer for Gruby Entertainment in Warszawa 2023-09-15
Employment LiveOps Specialist for in Warszawa 2023-09-15
Employment Game Business Developer for Played With Fire in Kraków lub zdalnie 2023-09-13
Employment Senior Producer for Tate Multimedia in Warsawa lub zdalnie 2023-09-13
Employment Producer for Games Operators SA in Warszawa 2023-09-08

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